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Pliant Bellows is the brand name of bellows manufactured by Kwality Products. Kwality Products has been doing business since 1975. The organization has advanced to be one of the best assembling SME in India. It was begun as a job working unit to to cater the automotive industry for its need in support activity.the organization went over different clients who needed metal Bellows of universal quality models. With our rich involvement in excellent items required in differed scope of industry from atomic, Oil and gas, ultra high vacuum, textile, defense and so on, , the organization came in the market with its item Metal Bellows under the brand name, "Pliant Bellows".

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Metal Bellows

Metal expansion joints (MEJ) likewise called compensators or metal/metallic bellow. A development joint/bellow component utilized in a channeling framework is a get together of for the most part more than one convolute in arrangement with the state of the convolution intended to withstand the inside weights, Thermal extension, mechanical vibrations of pumps, draft fans, compressors, turbines, engines, vessels and other plant segments, but flexible enough to accept axial, lateral, and angular deflections. They consist of one or more metal bellows.

Metal expansion joints must be composed by standards laid out by EJMA (extension joint assembling association).For Fabric and Rubber development joints there are rules and a best in class portrayal by FSA (liquid fixing affiliation). Development joints are separated by the three fundamental sorts of development: pivotal, precise and sidelong extension joints. The focal segment of every development joint is the metal cries .Due to its shape and thin divider, acts like a spring. The roars however needs to meet the accompanying essential criteria to fit the bill for its utilization as a development component.
It must :
• Withstand the working and test conditions (weight, temperature).
• Ensure consumption resistance.
• Provide adequate adaptability for the reason.
• Include adequate squirm security.

TThere are four fundamental developments that can be connected to a cries. These are Axial, Lateral, Angular and Tensional. Individual spring rates are - Axial spring rate, Lateral spring rate, Angular spring rate. The spring rate of a roars is completely reliant on howls geometry and material properties.

AXIAL MOVEMENT is the change in dimensional length of the roars from its free length toward a path parallel to its longitudinal hub. Pressure is constantly communicated as negative (‐) and expansion as positive (+). The units for hub spring rates showed in N/mm.

This relative removal of the two closures of an Expansion Joint opposite to its longitudinal axis. This has been alluded to as sidelong balance, horizontal development, parallel misalignment, coordinate shear or transverse development.

This displacement of the longitudinal axis of the Expansion Joint from its initial straight line position into a circular arc.

• Axial Expansion Joint
• Lateral Expansion Joint
• Hinge Expansion Joint
• Gimbal Expansion Joint
• Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
• Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
• Externally Pressurized Expansion joint
• Two ply testable bellow
• Rectangular Expansion Joint
• Slip Type Expansion Joint

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metal bellows
metal bellows


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